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Frequently Asked Questions

Who comes up with these deals?
Bars and restaurants think of these deals all on their own. We don't twist their arm at all.
Can I go to more than one bar on the same night?
Just don't drink and drive.
Why don't I see my favorite restaurant listed here?
Maybe they don't offer any type of special or maybe we just haven't had a chance to contact them. If you know they offer a deal, email us at We will verify the deal and add them to the list.
I found a deal on your website and it was expired! What gives?
We make every effort to keep these deals up to date, there is a possibility that we might miss some. If you notice a deal that is out of date or has changed, please email us at We will make the correction as soon as possible.
I want to share these deals with my friends. How do I do that?
Are a few ways:

  • Tell them to "like" us on Facebook. Every day we post a select number of deals,

  • You can tell your friends to sign up on our website and they will receive an email with deals tailored to their specifications,

  • You can always tweet or share these deals on your Facebook page. And we would very much appreciate you doing that!

You don't offer any freebies! Why not?
Well, we don't actually come up with these deals. The bars and restaurants offer these specials to their customers and they're able to offer whatever type of deal they like. We just list these deals for them to make it easier for you to find them. And I think it's illegal to give away alcohol.
I don't want to receive the newsletter anymore. How do I stop it?
Well, you can click on the link in the email to unsubscribe from the newsletter or you could change your preferences on the website.
Why did you start this website? I can find these deals elsewhere.
It's true you can find these deals on other websites and in newspapers. However, we believe that we have the most comprehensive list available and it's all in one location which makes it easier for you to find the deals. You don't have to find a newspaper and you don't have to search through a crowded website with a lot of other information in order to find these deals. And that, by the way is the reason I started this website!
Will you be coming to my city soon?
Plan is to eventually be in every major city with bars and restaurants that offer deals to their customers. So as long as you're not located in Toad Hop, IN or a similar sized town, then yes, we will most likely be in your city sometime in the future.
What's the monster's name?
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